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Scope of it: Treatment of small wrinkles on the forehead correction of fine lines around the eyes The aesthetic effect lasts 12 months.

It is a dermal filler made of non-animal H.A. By utilizing a special 3D technology for cross-linking H.A. molecules, the product was manufactured. Scientists have been investigating the advantages of enhancing conventional H.A. to produce a stable three-dimensional filler structure for three years. As a result, the substance penetrates the tissues with great distribution and without developing tubercles. The filler's safety, which is attained by a multi-stage cleaning procedure, and the consequently low levels of H.A., are two of its key benefits.

High-purity of H.A. content
The product has a high viscoelasticity
Complete fine uniform particle technology
Comfortable and painless procedure

Suitable for injection into the superficial layer of the skin
Reduces small wrinkles in sensitive skin zones

Correction and treatment of small wrinkles
Correction of wrinkles on the forehead
Fine lines correction which is present around the eyes

The aesthetic results of the product last for up to 12 months.

1 syringe × 1.1 ml per pack x contains Lidocaine 


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