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F plus is a South Korean dermal filler with a medium viscosity. It efficiently fills in wrinkles and folds of facial skin acting on the deep dermal layers. Hyaluronic acid is cross-linked using 3D technology which supplies it with high volumetric properties and resistance to biodegradation.  

Product advantages:

  • Highlevel of gel elasticity;
  • Contains anesthetic to ensure a painless procedure;
  • Speeds up collagen and elastin synthesis;
  • Safe for the body (low level of impurities);
  • The result lasts for 1 year.
  • Minimal viscosity facilitates seamless injections
  • High stage purification of hyaluronic acid
  • Cross-linked fibers ensure a long-lasting effect
  • Ideal for thin skin and for sensitive areas

  F Filler is used in contour plastics for the correction of deep uneven areas on the skin, for modeling the volume and contour of the lips.  


  • Nasolabial folds;
  • Wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks;
  • Lowered corners of the mouth, puppet wrinkles;
  • Insufficient volume, asymmetry, uneven lip contour.
  • It is brought into the deep dermal layers.
  • Lip contouring

  Description and composition

  • The product is released in two syringes filled with gel containing hyaluronic acid (24 mg/ml) and lidocaine 3%.


1mL x 2 syringes - 27G/30G


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