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Maxy Fill 70 cc is an injectable filler for non-surgical correction of body shape. The main constituent of the product is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid produced by means of unique HENM technology. In contrast to other products based on monomeric hyaluronic acid, introduction of Maxy Fill 70 cc guarantees a bigger amount of compound being administered that results in slow degradation of product in the body and long-lasting effect. Application of such innovative filler allows to correct body shape and helps to eliminate wrinkles. Moreover, it provides recovery of soft tissue in case of treatment after complicated cosmetological procedures, in particular, liposuction.

Strengths of Maxy Fill 70cc:

  • the product acts locally in the injection area because of optimal viscosity and cohesiveness
  • the procedure is non-intrusive, does not need an anesthesia and promote long-lasting effect
  • high quality and purity of the product is reached by application of the latest biotechnological methods
  • the marks of injections are almost invisible even right after the procedure

Scope of Maxy Fill 70cc:

  • non-surgical correction of breast shape and size
  • replenishment of buttocks volume
  • recovery of soft tissues after liposuction
  • legs shape correction

The aesthetic effect lasts from 12 to 15 months.

Composition of the preparation: HA 24 mg/ml


Notice: All products are intended to be administered by licensed trained technicians. 

Sculpted by Alexis is not responsible for any side effects such as allergic reactions, etc. that may arise after administering the products.
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